दिलीपराज वृत्त

Dilipraj vrutta is monthly in house magazine of Dilipraj Prakashan Pvt Ltd. We have been publishing it for last 18 years and have complete 192 editions of the same.

Dilipraj Vrutta is like a newsletter or showcase of Dilipraj Books. You will find information about upcoming books of Dilipraj. Review of latest and bestselling books by eminent writers. Information about current and future events, Latest news about book publishing events, interviews of eminent personalities regarding book publishing and literature, current offers and discount on our books etc. Overall it’s like sneak peek into the House of Dilipraj Prakashan and its current affairs.

You will be able to download the e-copy in PDF format for previous editions of Dilipraj Vrutta here.

Do write to us if you would like to get subscribed for it and start receiving the hard copy by mail every month.

Dilipraj Vrutta August-2018

Dilipraj Vrutta September-2018